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About Us

Women Leaders of Today, Inc. is a unique social Not-For-Profit Organization founded by Jennyfer Ladouceur on December 18, 2018, but the organization was officially incorporated on June 29, 2020. This organization serves to support women leaders and entrepreneurs with the same common goal. We also provide business and leadership services, which we plan on expanding in the future to assist our members who are looking to start their own business(s) or enhance their existing business(s). In addition to our social networking organization, we plan on building relationships with other organizations within the community, which will include a program for young ladies who we will prepare to be future women leaders. 

With that said, Women Leaders of Today holds an annual event of appreciation to all members. (Non-members are welcome to attend by invitation from a member of the organization. Public events will be open to all). Furthermore, we will also host a separate event for our young ladies society "Tea Girls." 

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